In Rye

The day after the Wedding we met Elsie, Heather and her Family in the old city of Rye.
A beautiful Place With old houses, narrow street and a lot of Nice shops.
The nabour to Tudor Cottage where we stayed in Biddenden

A little cafe across the street. Very cosy and rustic. We loved it.

Anne Lise took som photes, too.

We ordered cafelatte and a homemade cake

Elsie in Rye  - waiting for us. We got a little lost near Rye, and I think we did'nt exactly take the shortcut from Biddenden to Rye.

Heather and Mum

Cathy and Hether

The photomodel Niklas

Peter - always smiling

A Nice shop in Rye

A good restaurant in Rye - The Ambrette

From the Highstreet in Rye

We were really strugling to find a Place to have something to eat before travelling to Bournemouth.
Everything was full. But....

at last we ended in a fotball pub With no Food. But...

the owner said we could have Our take-away- dinner in the pub.

The boys were happy watching the game - Arsenal and someone else.
The baby in the yellow bag, was sleeping all the time!!??!!

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