Our Trip To The Wedding in Biddenden - Kent

Kristian, Anne Lise og jeg reiste til England for å delta i Maggie og Nicks bryllup i Kent.
Mamma skulle også være med, men hun visste ikke at jeg kom.
Vi ankom mors hus i Bournemouth på torsdags kvelden.

Neste dag reiste vi til Brighton. og overnattet på The Old Ships Hotel. Det lå på strandlinjen. Fra vårt vindu så vi både den nye pieren og den gamle som brant. Den lå som et spøkelse i vannet.

Brudeparet Maggie og Nick

First we stopped in Bournemouth

Mammas nye kjøkken- Mums new kitchen

Kristian with his pokerface

Mamma polishing her nail before the wedding

We stopped In Brighton

At a Brasserie in Brighton- very nice place with good food

We were quite hungry arriving Brighton

...and quite thirsty too.

I had blåskjell i whitewine damped.

 Clocktower in Brighton

Five busses in one photo

 Mummy very happy
 In the narrow streets of Brighton
Looking for a nice tie

KP got his tie and Mum could rest
 Relaxing in the hotelroom

Palasset in Brighton- very very beautiful and interesting

Never seen so many homeless people as in Brighton. A nice boy with his best friend

The winecellar
 Morning swimmers

On the way to Biddenden in a nice restaurant - The Black Pig in Tunbridge Wells in Kent. A lovely Place:

In Tudor Cottage in Biddenden-

We had some time to relax and change. Had a quick drink. Our nice landlady called for a taxi.

Mum is relaxing once again. She was very satisfied With her room.

It was a bit chilly, so it was good to sit by the fire.

The Wedding in Biddenden at the Golf Club
It was so Nice and Romantic location for a Wedding. We got a warm welcome from Maggie and Nick. 

Kristian by the fireplace

Anne Lise og Kristian

My beautiful cousin Heather

Uncle Eddie and Nigel telling stories

Kathy and Peter

Aunti Elsie, Niclas and uncle Eddie

Elsie and Eddie

The wedded couple- Maggie and Nick

Mum and Graham

Linn. Ester and Josefs fiancee

Gutta boys

Brudeparet Nick og Maggie
The Wedding Cake

Tilbake til Tudor Cottage

"Kommer det ingen på besøk i dag heller"






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